About us

We know that you have many choices in suppliers to buy product from. What is it about IJDI that sets us apart from the many others with CZ jewelry? Here is what we feel makes us your best choice:

1. Quality! We have extremely high standards with our quality. You will see it in our castings, plating finish, stones, and stone settings. We expect nothing less than the best from our factories and we are diligent in our quality control procedures. Every item is vigorously inspected before it leaves our factory and before we ship it out to your customers. The first time you see our jewelry it will be obvious that the quality is top of the line. As new customers visit us at our trade shows and see our line for the first time, the comments overwhelmingly positive and quite frankly, they question that it is fashion jewelry.

2. Product development: You won’t find the same old styles in our line that you see in every other line. We are innovators in design and styling. We exhibit at several shows a year. We are one the busiest booths because customers have come to know that we will always have a large variety of new and exciting collections.

3. Service: Do want to deal with a supplier with the most pleasant and professional staff in the industry? Well you have found it here. We have built our business on friendly, courteous, and efficient customer service. We truly enjoy what we do here at IJDI. We are proud of our product and our company and we want to prove it to you every time you call in.

4. Gratitude: At IJDI, we realize we are blessed with a successful business and wonderful customers. Nothing makes us feel better than customer referrals and customer praise. We never take this for granted. We will continue to work hard to earn your business.


Here at International Jewelry Designs, we believe the look of real quality makes the difference!


A message from IJDI President, Larry Goldberg:

In fashion jewelry, it is said that there are two kinds of products: Jewelry for Buying and Selling and Jewelry for Wearing. Much of what you will find on the market is the former, inexpensive, poorly finished, poorly plated and not made to last. The shame of it is, often you can’t tell at a glance which is which. The only way to be protected is to buy from a reputable source. A company that has been in business for 28 years. A company owned and operated right here in the United States. A company with an impeccable reputation for quality and style! A company with its own designers, assuring you that your selections will not appear in every store in your town.

Our jewelry is, and has always been, made to be worn and enjoyed. Take a moment and check out a few examples of our beautiful line featured in the video above this page. Then, when you are ready to see our entire line with hundreds of unique styles, simply fill out our website entry form or call and speak to one of our friendly staff at 800-395-0527 and we will take care of it for you. We will set up a password for you to enter our site so you can see the hundreds of beautiful designs we have created.

You may wonder why we insist on keeping our website password protected?

First, we work very hard to develop unique and beautiful jewelry designs, and a website makes it too easy for others to copy our designs.
Second, our wholesale pricing is for your eyes only. Your customers should not see what you pay for your merchandise and calculate your profits. I promise you it will be worth the few minutes of your time and be assured that you have my personal guarantee that your information is confidential and never shared with anyone at any time.

You will be very pleased you took the time to set up an account with us. I look forward to having you as a valued customer.